Posted by: Susan Vollmer | 15 January 2012

Coyote In Yosemite

As a family, we traveled to Yosemite National Park for our 2011 Christmas holiday.  While driving through Yosemite, I saw a coyote for the first time.  As it turned out, there were several coyotes along Glacier Point Road in the park.  Coyotes can live by catching mice and squirrels.  However, coyotes have also learned to beg humans for food.  It did seem like the coyote was expecting a treat from us after waiting for me to take its photo.  We were not keeping any food in the vehicle due to the warnings about bears going after food.  The National Park Service requests that visitors do not feed the coyotes, so they remain wild and self-sufficient.  The coyotes we saw looked healthy, and they were enjoying the park as much as we were!



  1. This is a wonderful image. 🙂

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