Posted by: Susan Vollmer | 21 December 2011

Dog Sledding In Wyoming

Last year in 2010, our holidays were spent in Wyoming at Togwotee Mountain Lodge.  We all agreed that one of our favorite activities was dog sledding.  The lodge where we were staying offered the dog sledding right behind the lodge.  The dogs are so excited and love to go out on the runs.  They all want to be chosen.  The dogs pictured here are veterans who are being mushed by Billy Snodgrass who participates in the Iditarod.  If you ever go, take a balaclava with you to keep warm and to help with the gaseous odors that the dogs seem to emit.  It’s still worth the ride.  Each sled seats one to two persons depending on the size.  This photograph was taken by a photographer who works at the lodge named Lindsay.  Happy holidays to all in 2011 and looking forward to a great 2012.

Dog Sledding In Wyoming



  1. Hi Susan, what a great experience, thanks for sharing. Is that you in the Sled ?

    Mary O’Donnell

    • Hi Mary,

      That’s Don Vollmer. My sister and I were in another sled. The dogs are so funny because they are so excited. Whenever then can, they run flat out. They love the cold weather. (It’s a little different from what you are used to in Southern California.

      Thanks for the comment, and enjoy your holidays!

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